"History is recorded by the artists, and they will paint the light in which you are remembered."

OK so, this is not my best cinematography but I did show how to equally space the decals in 1/3's for rims that have 3 decals per side. I use a fabric tape but you could use string. I used a dry erase marker to mark the reference points.

  • Start at a top point on the wheel (I used the valve hole for reference)

  • Run the string taut across the wheel using the center of the hub as reference (0:22)

  • Holding the string firm at its bottom point, hold the string at the center point over the hub (continuing to pull the string taut) and rotate to the left and right (0:30) marking the spot where the string meets the edge of the rim.

That's it! Perfect thirds every time. Bet you though this would be difficult, didn't you?

This video shows basic instruction for applying larger one piece decals. This video is older and needs some updating. I now recommend those new to applying decals of this size spray the rim and adhesive side of decal with plenty of plain, clean water. This is a fairly foolproof way to install a bubble free label and allows you to move the decal for proper placement.

Shorter video on how to install freestanding vinyl letters (music only)

Simple smaller decal installation video. Again, I now recommend you spray the rim and adhesive with plenty of water.

Here is a longer instructional video which touches on some issues you may have while installing free standing vinyl graphics. Most issues arise from the wheel not being properly cleaned.

Tips for proper installation:

* Rolled decals may develop “roll memory” when shipped. This affects the paper backing sheet

and NOT the vinyl decal itself. Place under a flat weighted surface if desired. For flat shipped

decals, a wrinkle may develop during the shipping process. This is usually in the paper backing

sheet will not affect the vinyl itself as the material is quite flexible. If decals become cut,

scratched or otherwise distorted during shipping, please contact me for replacement.

- Do not place new decals over old decals.

- Always make sure your wheel is clean and free of adhesive before applying new decals.

- If adhesive does not come off with alcohol, try using a stronger solvent such as goo gone

or mineral spirits.

- When installing freestanding, pre-spaced lettering, be sure any residue from adhesive remover

is removed and rim is clean and dry!

- Do not apply new decals to a hot rim (best to apply on a cool rim, indoors and

away from sun and wind).

- When installing larger one-piece decals, be sure to spray the rim and decal adhesive with plenty

of plain water. This will make removing bubbles and aligning the decal much easier.

- Allow the decal adhesive time to set on the wheel before cleaning.

- Never use an abrasive cleaner or solvent to clean decals! Only soap and water.